Ball-on Balloon Pillars and Archs ! An attractive eye catcher branding collateral for your business

Our balloon pillars and balloon arches are made of recyclable plastic. You can choose from many colors that also remain colorfast. The standard supplied billboard is illuminated and can be printed to your liking. In short, your pillar or arch is always beautiful!

More experience, more sales

Experience is sales. Whether it is the shop entrance, a product presentation or the festive setting of an event. We believe that it can always be better and better. So make the sale a party where your customer is central and the atmosphere matches the image you want to convey.

Sustainable quality

We supply balloon pillars and balloon arches that promote your sales. Unlike traditional bows, our balloons last for years without loss of quality. This way you always have the beautiful and professional look you want and you decide how often you use them.

Our Customers

Our unique and innovative Ballon Pillars are for those Brands outlets/stores, Corporates, Brand agencies, Sports stadiums or any other entities who often place traditional pillars or arches made of rubber, latex, polychloroprene, or a nylon fabric which is an overhead cost or expense. Ballon’s balloon pillars and balloon arches made of plastic is a one-time investment and the perfect solution to grab the attention of your customer who visits your premises.

Few benefits:

  • Attracts customer passing nearby your store/outlets/premises, to permanently increase your sales opportunities.
  • Provides an astonishing look at the entrance because of shining plastic balloons to give a warm welcome.
  • A glowing Logo place holder at the top of the pillar indicates your brand identity or can be used to display discount offers.
  • Our ballons can be disassembled, packaged and kept in the shelves for future use.
  • Ballons are waterproof, long-lasting and keep shining forever.

Ball-on pillar Variants

The balloon arch

It has 3 balloon pillars – 2 Vertical and 1 horizontal at the top, 2 bases and 2 LED Advertising place holders. We have specifically chosen an “angular” shape, in contrast to traditional balloon arches. As a result, our arches fit perfectly at the entrance or near the product display giving a stunning brand presence for your customer.

The Balloon pillar

The balloon pillar consists of 9 layers of 4 balloons, LED-powered Advertising place holder at the top, Power bank (long lasting), Handle (at the middle), Base with 4 wheels. 2 balloon colors can be chosen as per your brand (from the choice of 9 color bands).

With our balloons of high quality and UV protection, you will no longer have to worry about anything with the guarantee that the appearance is always perfect. The advertising sign with LED is powered by a power bank and gives extra attention value to your advertising message.

Balloon arch with billboard (Static or Digital)

The balloon pillar is already unique, but a balloon arch with an advertising expression raises the bar even higher. Do you have a longer running product presentation or an action week with a theme? Then the balloon arch with a supporting advertising message is really something for you. The advertising billboard can be a digital board to schedule advertisement campaigns to show offers and discount to your customers and grab their attention.

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